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Pink Peony

June 22, 2010

We got a pool membership this summer and I feel like I’ve hit the mama lottery. It’s the best goddamn money we have EVER spent. For three whole months I will never have to ask myself the question “What will we do today?”. Because we are going to the pool baby! We’re going to sit in the baby pool and eat popcicles and chat with other toddler and other moms…ALL DAY LONG! Then we’re going to walk around with kick ass tans acting like we’re all country clubby.
Until it rains.
I hadn’t thought this out fully. It rained all day Tuesday and Wednesday. This really threw me for a loop as I had almost fully disabled myself from being able to plan ANY other activities. I was completely unprepared for plan B.
Sam wasn’t though 🙂  He is so versatile and quick thinking, I should have known he would keep us all busy. I mean, when you’re a toddler and you have just learned to unscrew screw tops….there is really no end to the fun you can have. And this is how our day began.
After having stripped the bed I left Sam alone in the bedroom, joyfully bombing into the pile of comforter and pillows, while I took Abby downstairs to fix snacks for the gym. As I was filling up the last container with cheerios I jolted myself back to reality, having noticed the silence, and ran back up the stairs. As I leaped up the last step I saw Sammy perched on the top of the dresser working studiously on something. He flipped his head up and smiled like a chimpanzee………and leaped down into the pile of bedding. He rolled over, popped up and pointed to his toes. He was beaming with pride to show me his freshly NAIL POLISHED feet. All of his toes were smeared with HOT PINK nail polish. The remainder of which was smeared across my Pottery Barn comforter and pillow cases. My cream and butter yellow bedding……streaked with hot pink toe prints.

As if this was not enough to send me into a panic……as he beamed up at me I saw that he has also painted his entire right eyelid. Yep…his EYELID!!!!!! With nailpolish!!! Holy shit. There was a trail of pink devestation down the side of the dresser and across the right shoulder of his adorable little t-shirt.

Now, being the quick thinking mama I am….I screeched at the top of my lungs and went running for the remover. I attacked his feet with a cotton ball as he struggled to escape. He could hardly believe that I would defile his pedicure like this. I went for the eye with a dry cotton ball but the polish was drying and NOT coming off. So I used a little bit of remover and apparently almost blinded him….or it might have seemed by his reaction.
Forget it, I thought… will just have to wear off. And if he wants to have pink toe nails…well then, so be it. I bundled up the comforter and pillow cases and threw them in a corner. I knew, for Sam’s sake that I would have to deal with that situation (or come to the realization that there was nothing to be done) when I was calmer.
We left immediately for the gym. Sam looked like a drag queen but there was no other alternative. I figure I would just smile, shrug and say something about how we are raising the kids in a gender neutral environment 🙂 And hopefully it will not rain tomorrow….as Sam might try to wax his own eyebrows.

Here is a little photographic evidence of how helpful my little love is. This was taken just before dinner time:

Spaghetti anyone?

And here is Abby thoroughly enjoying the snack bar at the pool:

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Meghan permalink
    June 22, 2010 12:19 pm

    another great story from you! Sam is OUTRAGEOUS. I love it.

    What pool did you join?

  2. Ms. First permalink
    June 28, 2010 1:59 pm

    Katie – I just love your blogs. Hilarious!! Keep ’em coming!!

  3. Eileen permalink
    June 30, 2010 9:30 pm

    Oh Katie you and your Sam stories – well they just feel like I’m taking a class for the days to come with Simon and our own little “Sam” (due in Oct.)! I’ll have to remember your great sense of humor and try to keep laughing through it all!

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