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Sorry so long!

January 25, 2010

Sorry. I’m not dead. It was close…but alas…I’m still here. This has been a very crazy month. Thanks to my inability to say no and masochistic, type A personality I scheduled myself to death with cooking jobs this past month. Coming off the whirlwind of the holidays and diving into an overscheduled January rewarded me only with a three week sinus infection and a kidney stone. It’s been fab.
And not being able to leave well enough alone for a bit…I told Jeff that I would throw my overworked, ailing self into the bay if we didn’t sell this house and get out of the city…PRONTO. So the house is going back on the market. And regardless of whether anyone buys it or not….at some point I will strap all of our belongings to my back and haul them away with my bare hands. In the way that only a crazy mama with two babies, cooped up in the city in the wintertime could do.
To keep myself tame I have been running. I hate running. Let me just put that out there first. I have these visions of myself surging out the door. The wind in my face, the smacking of my shoes on the ground, rhythmically keeping time with my breathing. My head is clear and my stress is melting away. I could just go on forever because I feel so free and energized.
In reality, the millisecond I am moving fast than a brisk walk, I am praying that it will be over. I’m arguing with myself about how my goal of 5 miles is too much that day and 4 will be just fine. My left butt cheek is eating my underware giving me a lopsided wedgie that I’m having trouble ignoring. My ipod ear buds keep falling out on one side and I’m having a mental argument with Jeff about whether we will keep or donate all the infant clothes. God, have I gone 4 miles yet??? A quick check of my watch shows I have been running for 3 ½ minutes. Sigh. Maybe 3 miles will be just fine today.
So, that in a nutshell is what’s been going on with me. Sam spends most of the day begging me to watch Sesame Street or talking my ear off. We have very lengthy conversations all day. In fact, from the time he gets up in the morning until the time he goes to bed, we chat like school girls. Except we only use 5 words:
Sam: Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama (gasp for air)….mama, mama, mama
Me: Yes, honey
Sam: CAR! Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama
Me: Yes, honey
Sam: BALL! Mama, mama, mama, mama, MAMA!!!!, mama, mama, mama, MAMA!!!!!
Me: I see the ball honey

It’s like of like getting pecked to death by a duck  But he’s so excited about his ability to sleuth out every car and ball in town….so how can I forsake him the excitement of telling me all about it. That’s what mama’s are for, right?
Abby on the other hand just laughs and laughs. She smiles and grins like I’m the best thing in the whole world. She can sit up by herself and it not too far away from crawling. She will sit and look at a book or turn a toy over in her hands for ever. It’s unreal. The only time Sam holds something in his hand is when he’s winding it back to hurl it into the kitchen sink or down the stairs. It’s amazing how different they are.
Well, my office is FREEZING and the kids are asleep so I’m going to go take a quick nap! You know how I love to nap. I’ll be back soon!

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  1. January 25, 2010 9:58 pm

    Welcome back … I haven’t laughed over here in blogworld in a while. Your way of describing running is so why I gave up after one or two times and recognized that it’s just not for me. I wish you luck though to find the high of those supposed endorphins! I’ll hope and pray that someone who will fall in love with your house will come along soon.

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